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No More Hell to Pay: Michael Sweet Discusses Stryper's New Album

Stryper guitarist and vocalist Michael Sweet can hardly contain his enthusiasm when discussing the band's upcoming album, No More Hell To Pay — and rightly so.

Time in a Bottle: Guitarist Maury Muehleisen’s Sister Discusses Her Brother’s Music and Time with Jim Croce

It’s hard to believe it’s been 40 years since the lives of Jim Croce, Maury Muehleisen and four others were cut short when the twin-engine plane in which they were traveling crashed shortly after takeoff on September 20, 1973.

Perpetual Burn: Jason Becker Discusses 'Not Dead Yet' Documentary, His Life and Music

Shortly after hooking up with Roth, Jason Becker was given the grim diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and given only three to five years to live. Although the disease would eventually take away his ability to play guitar, walk and even speak, Becker’s spirit and determination has enabled him to continue living and composing amazing music.

Motor City Madman Ted Nugent Talks New CD/DVD, 'Ultralive Ballisticrock'

Regardless of what you think about his politics, there's no denying that Ted Nugent has solidified a place in rock history. In addition to his successful solo career and his stints with the Amboy Dukes and Damn Yankees, the Motor City Madman has performed more than 6,000 shows and contributed some of the most memorable guitar licks ever.

Guitarist Tommy Kessler Talks New Blondie Album, Networking and 'Rock of Ages'

Guitarist Tommy Kessler is living proof that hard work pays off. Not only does his work ethic allow Kessler to travel the world as part of Blondie, but there's also the matter of his other "day job." To date, Kessler (along with Night Ranger guitarist Joel Hoekstra) has performed considerably more than 1,000 shows as part of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages.

'In It To Win It': Saliva's Wayne Swinny Talks New Singer and Album

After the departure of longtime vocalist Josey Scott, Saliva's Wayne Swinny (guitar), Dave Novotny (bass) and Paul Crosby (drums) weren't sure if they'd be able to find a suitable replacement. Thankfully, after a month of deliberating, the search for a new frontman led them to singer Bobby Amaru, whose arrival kicked off a new chapter for the band, one that Swinny equates with hitting the lottery.

Foreigner Bassist Jeff Pilson Talks New Starship Album, T&N and Dokken

Jeff Pilson is a busy man. In addition to his regular role as Foreigner's bassist, he's also been dividing his time with a host of other projects. He's working with other former Dokken members George Lynch and Mick Brown on the next T&N album, and he's just finished producing the upcoming Kill Devil Hill album and Loveless Fascination, the first new Starship album featuring Mickey Thomas in almost 25 years.

Unearthing a Classic Sound: Heaven & Earth’s Stuart Smith and Chuck Wright Discuss Their New Album, 'Dig'

Heaven & Earth's new album, Dig, celebrates the sound of iconic '70s rock, a time when rock music was at its purist, most accessible form. Originally begun as an all-star project for guitarist Stuart Smith, Heaven & Earth has since evolved into a full band that also includes Joe Retta (vocals), Chuck Wright (bass), Richie Onori (drums) and Arlan Schierbaum (keyboards).

Interview: John Waite Discusses New Live Album, Guitars and The Babys

John Waite’s new live album, Live All Access, is as real and raw as it gets. Recorded live in Philadelphia and New Hampshire with absolutely no overdubs, the album features Keri Kelli on guitars, Tim Hogan on bass and Rhondo on drums and showcases the former Babys and Bad English vocalist at the top of his game.

Parmalee Guitarists Matt Thomas and Josh McSwain Talk Music, Gear and Overcoming Adversity

Comprised of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas (lead vocals/guitar and drums, respectively), cousin Barry Knox (bass) and lifelong best friend Josh McSwain (guitar), Parmalee has been riding the wave of country music with their catchy riffs and good-time attitude. The band's current single, “Carolina,” is cresting the Top 30 of mainstream country radio.