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Sully Time: Reviewing a Discussion, a Book and a Friendship with Pete Townshend

I have followed Townshend, The Who’s guitarist and principal songwriter, since the mid-'70s, from listening to his tunes, seeing him perform and eventually having conversations with the man himself. At the New York Public Library’s October 8 Q&A event to discuss Townshend's new autobiography, Who I Am, I've come full circle, back into strictly listening mode. It's the place the veteran rock star feels most at ease. He speaks, we listen.

Sully Time: Vintage Amp Tones Featuring Jim Sabella

Without the right tone coming out of your amp, it’s easy to get disappointed during recording sessions, gigging or practicing at home. It’s all about what you hear that counts. And if anyone knows about amplifier tone, it’s Jim Sabella.