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Songwriter Karma: The Truth About Giving and Receiving

If you want people who are better than you to take the time to help you, then you need to take the time to help others. The answer to every situation in life is not, “How much can I GET out of this?” Sometimes, the reverse is true. Maybe what you GIVE is the important question to ask. And, sometimes you get more from giving than you get from trying to get all the time!

SongTown: Commercial Vs Creative Music: The Debate Goes On

One of the big questions we get over and over is whether writing commercial music requires you to sell your soul, abandon creativity, and forsake all that is good in this world. The answer is an emphatic “NO.” Any time this debate arises, there are those that say “Well, Jackson Browne did it his own way. He was poetic AND commercial” or “Bob Dylan didn’t sell out, he wrote whatever he wanted.”

SongTown: 4 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Song Recorded

Are you writing songs with the hope of having them selected by an artist for that coveted cut? There are a number of ways to increase your chances of getting a song recorded. Here are some of my favorites...

SongTown: How I Bumped Psy Out of the #1 Song — The Rewards of Risk

Several year ago, my publisher asked me to attend a song camp in Sweden. I love to travel, but Sweden is a long way from the comfortable confines of Nashville.

SongTown: Finding My Place In The Music Business

When I first started to pursue a career in music, I set out on a path to try to become the best at everything. Then I realized that day that I needed to figure out what I was best at and to try to become one of THE best at THAT.

SongTown: 4 Ways a Song Becomes "Better"

Whether you are trying to write songs for the commercial market or are just writing songs for your own pleasure, here are some things that I think make a song “better.”

SongTown: The Biggest Mistake

People often ask me to define the biggest mistake I see songwriters making as they chase that first cut. If I had to pick one BIG one, I would say that it is using out-dated language. Anyone who is over 30 years old has to continually be aware of the "slang" that they are using in their song. Using the wrong words can INSTANTLY get your song thrown out and get you labeled as an out-dated and out of touch writer.

SongTown: Beyond Dreams

On Friday, my first publisher, Kim Williams, called me to congratulate me for getting to play the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday. We talked about the early days when Kim, Ron Harbin and I each wrote 2-3 songs per day. We were putting out an insane amount of music.

SongTown: The Anatomy Of A Love Song

Musical trends come and go, but the one thing that NEVER seems to stop working is the love song. In the midst of any musical trend, a great love song will still pop through with regularity.

SongTown: Do You Have Write-Up-Itis?

Clay and I continually running into people throughout SongTown territories that have "write-up-itis." We can spot the affliction immediately, because we have both battled this dreadful and potentially fatal disease in the past.