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Tools For The Road: Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon Shares His Tour Gear Setup

Touring for me is a test of endurance. I keep myself fit, eat well, sleep, and rest my voice when possible. It's not very rock 'n roll, but touring when you're sick is pretty miserable, so I try to avoid that.

Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon Shares Songwriting Insights

I view my songwriting like an athlete views his or her sport. I have to practice. I have to stay in shape. So I do it every day. I can stack the odds in my favor by starting with a distraction-free space. I need to feel quiet and relaxed and able to channel things that are deeper than the inputs from my immediate surroundings. I don't want the phone to ring, or the TV buzzing away in the background. When inspiration hits I need to be able to receive it clearly. If I don't catch it, someone else will.

Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon Shares His "Go-To" Guitars

Years ago I heard folk guitarist David Wilcox say that certain guitars had more songs in them than others. I think this is true, and I've tried to surround myself with guitars that have lots of songs to give. My first quality acoustic was a late ‘80s Taylor K-22C, and over the years I've been inspired by both modern and vintage guitars. My current "go-to" list includes...