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Saints and Sinners: 60 Iconic Albums That Defined 1974

Seventy-four was one of rock's oddest years. It was a transition year that saw a moment of respite for its biggest names. Into the void debuted some new names, ones that would come to grow and stake their own place in rock's map. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Who did not release new material, while the Rolling Stones, though still strong, had begun to show cracks after their beast mode period of '68 to '72.

Playback: The War On Drugs — 'Lost in the Dream'

In the newest edition of "Playback," I discuss a fairly new, but incredibly innovative record: Lost In the Dream by the War On Drugs. With Gene Simmons (and so many other stars) discussing rock's demise, you might be thinking all these naysayers have a point. In 2014, where else can the guitar be taken? Where can rock go?

Playback: The Walkmen — 'Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone'

"Playback" focuses on innovative, guitar-infused records that you may not have heard before. But if you want to look at the instrument in different ways, you owe it to yourself to check some of these records out. First up, the Walkmen's debut album, Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone.

New Found Power: 50 Albums That Defined 2004

In 2004, the landscape of mainstream rock was jarred once again by Green Day's American Idiot. An incredibly ambitious rock opera that touched on politics, depression and suburban ennui, it shifted millions of copies and re-established the trio as the American pop-punk band.

Johnny Winter and Ben Harper Cover Elmore James' "I Can't Hold Out" — Listen

Listen to Johnny Winter do a searing cover Elmore James' blues classic, "I Can't Hold Out" with Ben Harper.

Brian Setzer Premieres "Lemme Slide" Lyric Video

Earlier today, the modern rockabilly king, Brian Setzer, premiered the lyric video for his new song, "Lemme Slide." Check it out!

Foo Fighters Announce Premiere of HBO Series, 'Sonic Highways,' and New Single

Foo Fighters have officially announced the premiere date of the Dave Grohl-directed HBO documentary series Sonic Highways. They've also confirmed that the first single off their new album will be released the same day.

David Lee Roth's Unaccompanied Vocal Track from Van Halen's "Running With the Devil" — Listen

"Running With the Devil" began the career of one of rock's most enduring bands with quite a bang. As the lead-off track on Van Halen's diamond selling, self-titled 1978 debut album, it made quite the impression.

Led Zeppelin Announce 'Led Zeppelin IV' and 'Houses of the Holy' Reissue Details

Led Zeppelin have announced deluxe reissues of 1971's Led Zeppelin IV and 1973's Houses of the Holy. The two reissues are due for an October 28 release, and, like the reissues of the band's first three LP's, each album will include a remastered copy of the original album, with a second disc of previously unreleased music culled from the band members' vaults.

Massive Premiere New Album, 'Full Throttle' — Exclusive

Here is the world premiere of Full Throttle, the new album from Australian rock band Massive.