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Songwriting Steps: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

While this statement applies beautifully to any and all court proceedings, when it comes to songwriting, things get a little more complicated. This week’s blog is philosophical as well as task driven. As you rewrite and refine your songs, it’s important to consider the different ways in which you can tell your story. And that sometimes means going a bit deep to find what is the “truth” for you for that particular song.

Songwriting Steps: Let's Gain Weight!

One of the most wonderful and useful concepts we teach at Berklee is a technique called “recoloring.” Recoloring is when you structure your verses so that your chorus “gains weight” in meaning every time you hear it. Effective recoloring requires thought and deliberation, so it’s something that very rarely happens in the first draft of a song.

Songwriting Steps: Overcoming Second Verse Hell!

This is it! You’re inspired to write a song! In a frenzy of creativity, you work out a fabulous verse and an equally fabulous chorus! And then it happens….nothing. You run completely out of steam and don’t know why. You start telling yourself, “Maybe a song that’s only 1 minute and 23 seconds is long enough? It’s “minimalistic” music, right?” Welcome to SECOND VERSE HELL!

Songwriting Steps: The Power of Prosody

This five part series is dedicated to what happens beyond the first draft of your song. Sometimes, songs are born to you like the Goddess, Athena. They spring out of your noggin’ fully formed and perfect. Don’t you love songs like that? They’re gifts from whatever higher power or inner power you believe in. Accept them and be grateful.