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John 5 Lesson: Sweep Picking, Sliding Finger Taps, Pinch Harmonics and Behind-the-Nut Bends — Video

In last month’s installment of Chop Shop, we looked at a classical-flavored run in E minor that incorporated arpeggios, octaves and a simple but cool-sounding octave finger tap. This month we’re going to expand upon that approach by again employing arpeggios, this time also bringing in some sweep picking, a sliding finger tap, pinch harmonics and behind-the-nut string bending.

Scary Tapping Licks That Make No Musical Sense But Sound Extremely Cool — Video

In thIs month’s Chop Shop we’re going to look at a couple of weird two-hand tapping ideas that don’t make a whole lot of musical sense from a scale or theory point of view but sound very cool, nevertheless. The example in FIGURE 1 sounds like what you might expect to hear from a broken computer that needs to be fixed—or perhaps an alien radio.

Betcha Can't Play This: Fretboard Fingerskating with John 5

I love runs like this, and I play these types of elongated patterns often. Here, I pick the first note on each string and use hammer-ons, pull-offs and legato slides, at times in combination, to give the notes some variation in attack and create smooth phrasing.

Chop Shop with John 5: A Country-Influenced Application of Hybrid Picking for Blues and Rock

In the first two installments of Chop Shop, we looked at some arpeggio-based runs that were spiced up with octaves, finger taps, pinch harmonics and behind-the-nut bends. This time, as promised, I’m going to talk about the ways in which I’ve employed ideas I’ve learned from guitarists in different genres to my own playing.

Chop Shop: More on Hybrid Picking, and a Gypsy Jazz–Tinged Run in E Minor

In last month’s column, we looked at a neat pattern and lick in the key of B that incorporated the use of hybrid picking (pick-and-fingers technique). To follow up on and expand upon that topic, I’d like to present two further ideas based on the same pattern, and then show you an elegant run inspired by the great gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

John Five: Chop Shop (October 2011) Video

In the October edition of "Chop Shop," John 5 focuses on "weird noises," which involve going behind the nut on a guitar without a locking nut.

John Five: Chop Shop (August 2011) Video

In the latest edition of his Guitar World column, "Chop Shop," Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 shows you how to develop a natural, flowing picking rhythm when performing banjo rolls.