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Song Facts: The Beatles — "Good Morning Good Morning"

One of the hardest-rocking songs on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, "Good Morning Good Morning" is also one of the album's most complex productions. As the song developed from The Beatles' basic rhythm track, the recording was fleshed out with horns, layers of backing vocals and a litany of animal noises, requiring that the four-track tape be bounced down twice in order to open more available tracks.

Interview: Engineer Eddie Kramer on Recording The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love"

The Beatles made EMI’s Abbey Road Studios a household name after they titled their 1969 album for the facility. It was there that they recorded nearly all of their songs, beginning with their first release, 1962’s “Love Me Do.”

Song Facts: The Beatles — "Taxman"

George Harrison’s withering indictment of Britain’s progressive tax system was chosen to open the Beatles’ most progressive musical effort to date. Opening with a rasping cough and a droll count-in, “Taxman” kicks off Revolver in startling fashion, demonstrating both Harrison’s growing sophistication as a songwriter and Emerick’s budding talent for sculpting guitar tones.

Rare Beatles Vox Guitar Goes on Exhibit in New York City

A rare Vox guitar played by both John Lennon and George Harrison will be on display throughout this week at the Hard Rock Cafe New York. The guitar will be auctioned off on Saturday, May 18, where it is estimated to bring $200,000 to $300,000.

John Lennon’s Ferrari to Hit Bonhams’ Auction Block in July

His first car, in fact…provided you have the cash. John Lennon’s 1965 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Coupe will go on the auction block this summer courtesy of Bonhams auction house, a sale estimated to fetch — conservatively — more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Guide to the Recording Equipment, Songs and Instruments Featured on The Beatles' 'Revolver' Album

Revolver is the album that made the Beatles recording artists in the absolute sense of the term. Their previous six albums had demonstrated John Lennon and Paul McCartney's increasingly ambitious songwriting skills and the group's competence with a range of musical styles. But the productions, while strong, were undistinguished.

Musician's Guide to the Songs and Instruments Featured on The Beatles' 'Please Please Me' Album

The Beatles’ career spanned a period of radical change in studio technology. Between the time of their first recordings, in 1962, and their last, in 1970, the process of making records became increasingly complex, as multitrack tape recorders, improved audio circuitry and sophisticated signal-processing equipment became available.

The Beatles on the Road to 'Magical Mystery Tour'

With nothing to do, the Beatles wandered in ways only the very rich can. They rented a boat and sailed up the coast of Athens, shopping for an island on which they could plant themselves and their growing commercial empire. “We’re all going to live there,” Lennon said. “It’ll be fantastic, all on our own on this island.” The idea came to nothing.

'Yellow Submarine' Sails Again: Director/Animator Bob Balser Recalls the Making of the Classic Animated Beatles Film

In 1967, American-born animator Bob Balser was working on a project in Spain when he received an invitation to fly to London and try his hand at designing animated characters based on the Beatles. The project? A full-length cartoon feature film called Yellow Submarine. “They had to get started quickly, because they had a screening date set for July of the following year,” Balser recalls. “They had just one year to do an entire feature-length animated film.”

Song Facts: The Beatles — "Hey Bulldog"

In The Beatles’ catalog, “Hey Bulldog” is a bridge between the psychedelic excesses of 1967 and the rock and roll revivalism they would pursue on the White Album and Let It Be. Written by John Lennon, the song is a straightahead rocker featuring a seductive boogie-style riff and some excellent aggressive lead guitar work.