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Review: EarPollution Mogul and CS40S Headphones

For years, makers of headphones for portable devices aimed to make stereo phones that were both good sounding and inconspicuous. The trade-off came at the expense of tone.

Chuck Schuldiner: Lust for Life

It was early 2001 when Chuck Schuldiner’s headaches returned. Over the past year, he had begun to feel like his old self again—remarkable, considering that, just one year before, the death metal guitarist had nearly died. In early January 2000, doctors in New York City had managed to remove more than half of a cancerous tumor dangerously nestled at the base of his brain. Months of physical therapy followed while he recovered at home, in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

A Guide to 12 Acoustic Guitar-Based Tracks on The Beatles' 'White Album'

A detailed guide to the elemental acoustic songs on the Beatles' "White Album."

Author Bruce Spizer Returns with "Beatles for Sale on Parlophone Records"

Bruce Spizer pursues his love of all things Beatles with an exhaustive — some might say compulsive — level of research and analysis. Now comes the latest book in Spizer’s series: Beatles for Sale on Parlophone Records, which covers all of the Fab Four’s singles, albums and extended-play discs issued in the U.K. from 1962 through 1970.

The Who: Interview with Pete Townshend

From the ruins of his failed rock opera rose the Who’s greatest album, Who’s Next. Now, with the release of the group’s new record, Endless Wire, Pete Townshend discusses the triumphs of Tommy and Quadrophenia and reveals the secret history of Lifehouse, the lost masterpiece that continues to haunt his music.

AXOLOGY: Carr Amplifiers introduces Raleigh amp

Carr’s new Raleigh amp is a three-watt 1x10 compact tube combo designed for home and studio use.

The Raleigh features an Eminence ’Lil Buddy hemp-cone speaker and a complement of two 12AX7 tubes and one EL84 tube. The amp has controls for volume, tone and master volume and a gain/master toggle switch. Sounds range from glassy Sixties-era blackface tones to juicy sustained overdrive.

The Raleigh measures 16 x 12 1/8 x 8 1/4 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 21 pounds. It’s available in a black cabinet with black front panels ($1,250), in custom-color cabinets with custom-color front panels ($1,350), and in color cabinets with maple or cherry front panels ($1,500).


Reunion Blues adds Designer Series gig bags

Reunion Blues has expanded its line of leather gig bags with a natural fabric Designer Series.

AXOLOGY: Super-Vee Double-Locking System for Strat

The Super-Vee is the first “drop-in” double-locking vibrato system of its kind. Designed exclusively for the Stratocaster, it requires no modifications to your guitar’s body or neck.

AXOLOGY: Allen & Heath Shipping ZED FX Mixers

Allen & Heath has begun shipping the two latest additions to its ZED FX range of small-format USB mixers for live performance, recording and production.