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AXOLOGY: Randall Unveils Its Kirk Hammett Signature Series amp

The RM100KH custom Kirk Hammett amp is the newest addition to Randall Amplifier’s Kirk Hammett Signature Series.

AXOLOGY: Fender Introduces Elvis Costello Signature Jazzmaster

Fender has announced it will introduce the Elvis Costello Signature Jazzmaster guitar, honoring the British musician and songwriter as one of the most recognized Jazzmaster players in music history.

AXOLOGY: Laguna Guitars Launches "One Guitar, One Tree" Reforestation Initiative

Laguna Guitars, reflecting the passionate convictions of musicians, celebrates Earth Day by launching their new “One Guitar, One Tree” reforestation initiative. This plan involves planting one tree for every Laguna guitar made. In addition, Laguna continues to deepen its other practical efforts to reduce waste, recycle and conserve the planet’s resources.


AXOLOGY: BBE Brings Maximizer to Consumer Audio

BBE Sound revolutionized professional audio with its Sonic Maximizer technology, which restores the harmonic richness that is typically lost in the recording process. The company aims to do the same for consumer audio with its new VG360 Sonic Maximizer.

AXOLOGY: TC Electronic Shipping Nova System

TC Electronic has begun shipping the Nova System, the company’s new all-in-one floor multieffect unit that combines analog distortion and overdrive with the advantages of digital control.

AXOLOGY: Dean Issues Trivium Signature Models


Dean Guitars has introduced a series of signature models for Trivium guitarists Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu.

Matt Heafy Model (MKH)
The MKH Signature model is based on the ML Series guitar, originally designed and introduced by Dean Zelinsky in 1977. The MKH has a 24-fret neck, not seen on a Dean ML for quite some time, a 12-inch-radius fingerboard and a newly designed sculpted tapered heel for clear access to the upper frets.

The frets are medium round crown allowing better intonation at blazing speeds. The neck is solid maple construction with an ebony fingerboard and is joined via set neck design at the 19th fret for better tone transference and continuity.

The body is a solid mahogany ML shape featuring the Rising Sun graphics, paying homage to Heafy’s Japanese heritage. The neck features a pearl inlay Trivium logo at the 12th fret. The headstock features Grover black 14:1 tuners, the Trivium logo, the Dean Wing logo and MKH on the truss rod cover.

AXOLOGY: Rotosound Turns 50, Gets Face Lift

Rotosound has redesigned the packaging on its major guitar string lines to emphasize its British history and make each style of string easier to identify on store shelves.

AXOLOGY: Godin Guitars Introduces Richmond Electrics

Godin Guitars has added yet another line to its family. At the recent Musikmesse 2008 show in Frankfurt, Germany, the Montreal-based guitar maker announced the creation of Richmond Guitars Canada


AXOLOGY: Divided by 13 Gets Some Grab-n-Go Mojo

Divided by 13’s new RSA 31c combo is a hand-built, single-channel 1x12 combo that combines performance and tone in a portable package. The RSA 31c is EL84 powered and delivers 31 watts of Class AB1 power through its 12-inch speaker. 

No more information available at this time, but watch the company's website and here for updates.

AXOLOGY: Blackheart Heats Up the Hothead

Blackheart Engineering’s new BH100H Hothead is a full-featured 100-watt workhorse amp head design for plug-and-play ease and versatile tone. It has two power modes (Class AB and Class A), each of which is divisible by pentode (full-power) and triode (half-power) operation to create four powerful voices:

  • Class AB/Pentode: 100 watts of unhinged power
  • Class AB/Triode: 50 watts, tighter headroom, crisper gain
  • Class A/Pentode: 60 watt, plenty of headroom, nice and plucky
  • Class A/Triode: 30 watts, less headroom, more responsive to attack

The Hothead has two channels — Loud and F’n Loud — each selectable by a mini toggle on the faceplate or remotely via the included footswitch, and each voiced through its own dedicated EQ section.

The Loud channel is voiced to range from crisp cleans to classic rock and heavy blues tones. Its controls include drive, level, treble, middle and bass.

The F’n Loud channel is voiced to capture classic crunch to sweet overdriven lead tones, all shapeable via pots for gain, level, treble, middle and bass.