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Metallica's Kirk Hammett Talks 'Ride the Lightning,' Cliff Burton and Benefits of Taking Guitar Lessons from Joe Satriani

Tucked in a nondescript industrial tract north of San Francisco near San Pablo Bay, Metallica’s headquarters is an oasis for both thrash fanatics and gear heads of every stripe. The massive studio—dubbed HQ by the band—has been Metallica’s base of operations for writing, rehearsals, demoing and all-purpose hanging since late 2001. In a rare case of reality trumping fantasy, it is a place that exceeds expectations.

Interview: Michael Amott Talks New Arch Enemy Singer and Album

In March 2014, fans of Swedish melodic death metal act Arch Enemy were dealt an unexpected blow when the band announced that long-running vocalist Angela Gossow was stepping down to focus on management of the band, a secondary role that she had been performing quietly since 2008.

Ozzy on “Final” Black Sabbath Show: “If It’s Good-Bye, We’re Ending On a High Note”

Will the July 4 Hyde Park show be Black Sabbath's last performance?

Did Maximum the Hormone Create the Most Insane Metal Song of All Time? — Video

Marty Friedman endorses this Japanese act. Do you?

Interview: Billy Duffy of The Cult Answers Readers' Questions on Gear, Songwriting and More

I’ve always used the Les Paul and Gretsch White Falcon, and they’re both heavily featured on the new album. Regarding the second part, that’s a very pragmatic question. One thing I’ve done with the White Falcon is put things in the body — little bits of T-shirts or whatever — to help stop some of the feedback.

Kirk Hammett: Metallica to "Buckle Down" on Completing New Record in September

Plus, Metallica's lead guitarist provides insight into the new "Lords of Summer" demo.

Update: Malcolm Young "Taking a Break" from AC/DC

The AC/DC rhythm guitarist needs to focus on dealing with health issues.

Guitarist Rob Cavestany Looks Back at the Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Death Angel

Sitting in his home studio in Oakland, California, on a bright, breezy afternoon this past January, Cavestany appears to have come through Death Angel’s tribulations having regained a bit of his youthful optimism.

Dear Guitar Hero: Stray Cats' Brian Setzer Talks Gretsch Guitars, Joe Strummer, Vintage Cars, Jazz Lessons and More

I was a little kid, like six or seven years old, when the Beatles came out. I remember hearing their music and I couldn’t imagine where that sound was coming from. Then I saw a picture of the Beatles, and George [Harrison] had an electric guitar, and I was like “That’s it!” It was that sound—the sound of George’s guitar—that first captured me when I was really young. It all goes back to that sound.

Adam Jones: My Top 10 Favorite Guitarists

Tool's axman reveals the 10 guitarists that inspire his own far-out six-string style.