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If You're Not Getting Better, You're Getting Worse

I want to briefly touch upon a subject many guitar players (and musicians in general) seem to have a difficult time understanding.I often hear guitarists tell me they want to attend one of my workshops because they've reached a "plateau" that they can't seem to get past. It sounds logical, right?Unfortunately, this is incorrect. In guitar playing, there are no plateaus. We never arrive and stay... …

Just Sign Here: The Art of Protecting Yourself As a Musician

One important topic for musicians is the world of written agreements and how one’s services relate to the industry they work in.Let’s get the first thing out of the way: Most musicians hate talking about business and money. Or, should I say, they hate talking about it publicly, because when you get a couple of musicians together in private, one subject that usually pops up is business.They don... …

Challenging Phrases Designed to Lift Your Chops to the Next Level

Mastering metal and hard rock guitar poses a great variety of musical and technical challenges, encompassing everything from the development of solid and reliable pick- and fret-hand rhythm playing technique to a complete understanding of metal-style licks and patterns and the scales upon which they are based, coupled with fleet-fingered fret-hand technique.This month, I’d like to demonstrate a... …

Dispelling the Myth of Being Self-Taught

Here's a topic that is often discussed in music circles: the pros and cons of being a self-taught musician.There's a certain level of pride many musicians feel when they claim they are self-taught, and I can understand why. They get a kick out of the fact that, by not taking “lessons,” they discovered the ins and outs of playing an instrument on their own time, their own way, through their own... …