Video and Photo Gallery: How to Replace the Strings on an Electric Guitar



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when i started picking up a guitar and learn how to use it, back then in 1969, being 17, there was no internet or ready available information about it, to get special tips you had to refer to the "older" guys and that was hard to get as if their knowledge was something of a sublime private achievment never to be revealed to anyone except for payment,................what i am saying is that it is
so easy now to get knowledgeable on any matter that we all should start our daily guitar playing with a big Thanks..................the happy vagabond.


...It does come down to the indivigual in the end...I'm rather picky about my process, thats just me but I have known friends/guitarists with quite different protacol. I remember one such friend who had exceedingly corrosive sweat...not only didn't he not change his strings regulary or wipe them down after playing but because of his habits the chrome on his cherished axes lost ther finish in a most unflattering way, flaking and causing tuning problems and string breakage...
I don't wipe off my strings everytime I play but the value is they will last longer, and stay in tune a little better if you care for them...Rock and Blues or any style you play requires your undivided attention, if you love your guitars all you have to do is treat them kindly and you will get many fine hours of playing no matter who you are!



ive played guitar for 35 years and have changed them with no real method but this makes so much sense and it works wonderful.....

old dogs can learn new tricks....

Thanks Paul....



This is the way I was taught to string a guitar by luthier Steve Carr on L.I. 35 years ago. Any guitar, even cheap guitars with crappy tuners, will stay in tune with this method. It's more work, but totally worth it!!! JP

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