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Eliot Bronson “River Runs Dry” Live — Exclusive Video

We previously posted a video featuring Atlanta, GA songwriter Eliot Bronson performing the rollicking “Just Came Back To Tell You I’m Leaving.”

Today we’re proud to give you “River Runs Dry,” a song that showcases the softer side of Bronson’s writing.

Featured on his Dave Cobb-produced self-titled LP, listening to the lyrics and soft strumming of “River Runs Dry” makes it easy to drift off in reflective thought.

Eliot Bronson is something of a homecoming for the songwriter, who was raised in a Pentecostal home by a family for which music was prayer and life was expressed and enjoyed in song.

At an early age, Bronson discovered his parents’ folk collection of 1960s artists, which helped to shaped his purposeful, pensive, and poetic songwriting. Though his own music adventures took him away from these roots, he returns home to these music guideposts on his latest LP.

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