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Luke Wade and Talks About His Experience on 'The Voice'

NBC’s The Voice brought a fresh approach to the singing competitions on TV.

And now in season 7 they have brought a fresh voice in Luke Wade.

From a small town in Texas, Luke has been developing his soulful sound since he was a child – even though he didn’t pick up an instrument until much later in life.

While most of America has learned of Luke from his time on the Voice, you should keep getting to know him through his sophomore album The River.

Here Luke takes time out of his hectic schedule to chat with use about it all!

What a crazy trip you’ve been on these past few months. If you could sum up your experience on The Voice in one word what would it be?


Do you have a favorite performance you’ve done so far?

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

What is the biggest takeaway from the show?

Greatness isn't greatness in a vacuum. Surround yourself with the right people!

What did you learn most from coach Pharrell?

Don't overthink, over feel.

You launched an album The River this spring. Any chance we’ll get to hear an original on the show?

We will be singing originals on the finale!

How do you approach your songwriting? And is there a song that really stands out on the album for you?

I tend to collect thoughts and ideas then write songs as I need them. I feel like the ideas keep better that way. “Till The Fighting is Through” is definitely one of my best.

You recently played a Pursuit Concert on the show. How did you discover Breedlove?

I needed a new guitar because mine was stolen. I went to a guitar shop, played all the guitars and walked out with a Breedlove, and that's what I've been playing ever since.

Why is that the guitar of choice?

It's a very balanced sounding and versatile guitar. It performs live and records equally well and plays in tune consistently across the entire neck.

What’s next for Luke Wade?

A van, a road, a band, an adventure.

To check out Luke’s album or for the most up to date tour information visit