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Video: Exclusive Interview with Sean Sullivan

Genre-shifting songwriter/guitarist Sean Sullivan recently dropped by our studio for an exclusive interview.

He also performed two original songs and gave a lesson on rhythm jazz guitar playing, which we will be posting shortly.

With a background that includes blues, jazz, folk, funk, reggae and more, Sullivan offers a unique sound inspired by his own distinctive melting pot of styles.

The Southern-born NYC resident believes family heritage and environment are key ingredients in his ability to cook up myriad musical flavors. “My mother was born in West Virginia of French and Cherokee descent, her father was a Nazarene minister, and her grandfather was a bible‐totin’ circuit rider (c.c.rider). In a sense, I feel as though I carry on the preaching legacy as a performer,” he shares.

“My real father was a true New Yorker from ‘bootlegger’ stock, born in Brooklyn, Jesuit‐educated with a mob lawyer dad. Growing up in a flamboyant family atmosphere had its ups and downs, but ultimately I’m grateful for the emphasis on creativity, the arts, and liberal education.”

Ultimately, Sullivan insists his musical voice arises from listening to both his heart and to what people respond to on the gig. “They seem to dig my bluesy approach, variety of grooves, and originals. If you listen to your audience, they will tell you who you are”.

Check out our interview with Sullivan below, and stay tuned for more!

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