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Video Interview: Ukulele Master Jake Shimabukuro

I’ve always fantasized about playing the ukulele. I’m not sure why.

Perhaps because it’s such a small and delightful instrument.

Perhaps because when I watch someone like Jake Shimabukuro play one, it’s just so stunningly musical and inspiring.

But Shimabukuro takes ukulele far beyond casual strumming and picking out tunes. His performance is decidedly virtuosic. And he’s not a ukulele convert. This player has been committed to ukulele from day one, and it shows.

Launched by successful YouTube views and sustained by faithful fans, Shimabukuro continues to explore uncharted ukulele territory.

Here I sat down with this superb musician and all around cool guy. Check out our interview and then go to to find out more.

Jake Shimabukuro interview Part 1: We talk about his Grand Ukulele DVD and more!

Part 2: Live performance, gear and so much more!

Part 3: Jake talks about his instruments and more!

Part 4: Inspiring others through ukulele with his Four Strings Foundation