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Watch Meg Myers’ Fender Studio Session at Capitol Records

Dressed in cut-off jean shorts and a black crop top with auburn hair, flawless, porcelain skin and bright red lips, Meg Meyers arrived for her Fender Studio Session at Capitol Records looking barely out of her teens.

But the 27-year-old soft-spoken songstress, who was born in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, packs quite a punch with her confessional lyrics and hard-edged indie rock, reminiscent of Tori Amos or Fiona Apple.

With vocals that are sometimes breathy and restrained and sometimes venomous, the music literally appears as if it’s coursing through her veins.

While her lyrics appear deeply personal, Myers admits, “It’s so hard to speak about myself. But from the moment I picked up the guitar or started to play piano, it was just so therapeutic for me.”

Below, watch Myers perform the acoustic track “Morning After” at the Capitol Records HQ for Fender, along with cellist Ken Oak. The song is featured on her 2014 EP, Make a Shadow.

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