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Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments Presents the Octar

Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments creates handcrafted instruments in Bend, OR.

Known for building its mandolin family of instruments – Weber is also known to throw a few unique body shapes in the mix.

The Weber Octar is definitely one of those.

“I love eight stringed instruments!!” says Bruce Weber, Master Luthier. “Anything that carries six strings can be improved by converting it to eight! After listening to our first archtop guitar, it took mere moments to decide this body, tuned as an octave, with a 23 1/2 “ scale would be killer.”

The Octar delivers a big body sound - rounder and throatier than any mandolin family of instruments deliver. It’s an instrument that is easy to play with its 15” bottom bout and 4” deep body that just doesn’t quit when pushed.

Weber artist Peter Fand describes it like this: “The Octar is something special. It has such a unique and defined character to its voice, which seems to play between the classiness of a sophisticated old-time cocktail party, and a back porch romp.”

The Octar fits in any genre. It’s great for backing up folky ballads and really at home in Celtic music. Bluegrass even works well because of its unexpected voice and performance. Fand goes on to say, “It’s been a wellspring of compositional ideas since it arrived, and promises to be a lifelong musical partner.”

The Octar is available in all aesthetic packages and can be ordered at your local dealer.