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Exclusive Premiere: The Lovebirds’ Achingly Beautiful “Boat Train”

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Here’s a song that will make you shush your co-workers so you can really listen.

It’s The Lovebirds’ “Boat Train” from their upcoming album, Breakup Shmakeup, due out May 2, 2014.

The dissonance and resolution interwoven into what I would call the perfect rainy day song gave me goosebumps. For real.

Melancholy lyrics with amazingly lovely harmonies build into a driving groove of energetic longing that pulls back into an aching drift. Aaah.

The Lovebirds’ Lindsay White shares, “I wrote Boat Train almost immediately after the break up.The song acknowledges how hard we tried to make it work, how beautiful that effort was, how tragic it was that the effort wasn't enough, and how hopeful we were that the break up would turn out to be a good thing in the long run."

Her musical cohort, Veronica May adds, "Boat Train to me is a bittersweet song that cuts the sad losses and celebrates the happy victory of realizing we are stronger than we think."

Listen to the gorgeous “Boat Train” here:

Breakup Shmakeup chronicles the experience of ending The Lovebirds' romantic partnership in order to preserve their musical partnership.

According to White, "Time and time again, music has been our medicine, our therapy, our glue. Breakup Shmakeup is such an accomplishment because it allowed us to transcend our emotions, rise above the hurt, stick together for a greater purpose, and emerge from the experience even closer in a way. We're really excited to share these songs – although they reference a difficult subject matter, the ultimate message is about finding a common ground."

"Breakup Shmakeup is a vulnerable expression of thought and feeling on what it's like to break up, experience the aftermath, and what it's like to find the strength inside to move forward with grace,” adds May. “It shows the awareness that music we create together is still sacred to us."

Falling somewhere on the female duo scale between The Indigo Girls and Tegan and Sara, The Lovebirds utilize "unique chord structures, beautiful harmonies that fit like spoons, and soulful, quirky lyrics". The Lovebirds' live show is quirky and engaging: a tornado of sights and sounds that, at any point, may include short skirts, high heels, bowties, mustaches, percussive guitar, rock ukulele, glockenspiel, melodica, kazoos, stand-up drum kits, and harmonies that won't quit.

The Lovebirds have shared the stage with many notable musicians, including Steve Poltz, Tristan Prettyman, Bushwalla, The Lumineers, Jack Tempchin, John C. Reilly, Glen Phillips, Sara Watkins, Susanna Hoffs, Berkley Hart, Raining Jane, Jason Mraz, and more. This spring they will be heading out on a tour around the west coast in support of Breakup Shmakeup.

You can check out the band, here: www.thelovebirds.com

Tour Dates:

April 5th Village Farm School Fundraiser Encinitas, CA
April 19th House Concert La Mesa, CA
April 26th Private House Concert Del Mar, CA
May 2nd Swedenborg Hall San Diego, CA
May 4th The Night Owl Fullerton, CA
May 5th Genghis Cohen Los Angeles, CA
May 7th Mel’s Lounge Santa Barbara, CA
May 8th Shell Café Pismo Beach, CA
May 10th House Show Cupertino, CA
May 11th Hopmonk Tavern Novato Novato, CA
May 12th Blue Lamp Sacramento, CA
May 13th Black Forest Eugene, OR
May 15th The Blue Monk Portland, OR
May 17th Metronome Coffee Tacoma, WA
May 18th Private House Concert Seattle, WA
May 21st High Dive Seattle, WA
May 23rd Caldera Tap House Ashland, OR
May 27th Bocci’s Cellar Santa Cruz, CA
May 29th Paso Robles Brewing Company Paso Robles, CA
May 30th Coffee Gallery Backstage Altadena, CA
June 8th Private Show San Diego, CA
July 29th Eagleview Concert Series Exton, PA