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Kings of the Brushwood Thicket's “Do You Believe” —Exclusive Song Premiere

Today we’re happy to premiere a brand new track from Queens, New York’s Kings of the Brushwood Thicket.

The project is the brainchild of Bruce Erik Brauer, former guitarist of the NYC rock outfit Dog Society.

It was the recent and sudden loss of both Brauer’s father and uncle that provided the spark for the acoustic work that soon flew under the Kings of the Brushwood Thicket banner.

With “Do You Believe,” a lightly strummed acoustic guitar matched with his worn vocal style speaks of loss and sadness – but also a resilience. Here’s the track’s inspiration, straight from Brauer:

I met a ‘girlfriend’ when I was in kindergarten in Jamaica Queens, NY and we were great friends ‘till she moved away at 13. My birthday was June 2 and hers was June 4, so we promised each other that no matter where we would be in our lives, we would call each other for our birthdays. We kept our promise over the years through college, marriages and cross country moves.

Last year I didn't get my call and I thought she forgot because we all get so busy. I searched for her on Twitter and Facebook and all over the internet.

I found her obituary.

Writing "Do You Believe" was a way to honor my lifelong friend who passed away; a simple instrumental approach and a one-take raw vocal to keep it personal.

Pretty impactful stuff. Take a listen below, and look out for Kings of the Brushwood Thicket’s debut album, The Lies You Leave Behind, out May 5.

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