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Washburn Unveils New Timeless Parlor Guitar

Washburn Timeless Parlor Guitar

Washburn Timeless Parlor Guitar (Image credit: Washburn Guitars)

Washburn has unveiled its new Timeless Parlor Guitar. Each of the new, limited-edition guitars features a top made from a 140+ year-old reclaimed European Fir beam pulled from a bridge, pub or barn in the United Kingdom.

The Timeless Parlor Guitar features a Mother-of-Pearl "Clou De Lys" overlay headstock and a hard shell case that includes an acrylic-encased cut steel nail that was pulled from the reclaimed wood. The inclusion of the cut steel nail authenticates the age of the wood featured in the model as cut steel nails fell out of use after 1880.

The Timeless Parlor Guitar is available now at an MSRP of $2,140.90 (MAP $1,199).

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