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Watch Secondhand Serenade’s New Video for "Shake It Off"

John Vesely, better known as Secondhand Serenade, has partnered up with Vevo to exclusively premiere his video for hit single "Shake If Off.”

Although the song was recorded in 2012 and released on iTunes in early 2013, it appears on Secondhand Serenade's recently release album, Undefeated.

Filmed in Nashville by Jon King, this is Secondhand Serenade's first official video since "Something More" in 2010. "For the 'Shake It Off' video I just wanted to have some fun and get it on film. We had a basic concept, got a bunch of friends together and let it happen." Vesely tells us.

Having fun is what they did sprinkling throughout the video intentionally similar scenes to the video with the same named track by international rock star, Taylor Swift, as well as featuring co-producer of the song, Brandon Metcalf's, wake boarding skills. For more information, please visit:

Following years of constant worldwide touring, grueling promotion, and living out of a suitcase, Vesely took a break to enjoy the one thing he took for The overwhelming success of his breakout single "Fall For You" - which resulted in multi-platinum sales, a slew of television appearances and performances, headlining shows and festivals across the globe - shot Vesely clear into the spotlight. Before he followed the trend of rushing out more music before being ready, Vesely took a conscious approach of experiencing every day life to pull inspiration for his next body of work, with the end result being his latest offering titled Undefeated.

Moving out of LA, Vesely was determined to start working on a new album in San Francisco. However, at some point he realized that working completely on his own was not the best way to shape his new sound. "Having grown up in Northern California, I thought the comfort of home might help the creative process. But in reality, so much had changed since I lived there before, that the comfort didn't really exist," Vesely tells us.

It was at this point that the singer/songwriter decided to pack up and head to Nashville for what was intended to be a two to three week trip, just to finish up the album. John hit the studio with producer Brandon Metcalf and ended up falling in love with not just the material the two were creating, but also the environment in which he now found himself. With Nashville as his new home Vesely states, "Nashville just has this vibe about it that I can't really explain. Everyone is so nice and it seems like the music community is so vibrant and encouraging. People here actually want to help you, and want you to succeed. It's almost like one big family where everyone is pulling for each other. It's a really inspiring city,"

The new surroundings helped form the sound of Secondhand Serenade's 4th original studio album, Undefeated. With hints of country, rock and of course his signature pop, Undefeated is a collection of 12 new songs co-produced by Vesely and Metcalf, and mixed by multi-Grammy award winning Nashville legend, F. Reid Shippen (Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum). With topics ranging from letting go of your problems on "Shake It Off", revisiting the good times of the past with "Back To The Old Days" and overcoming the odds in order to follow your dreams in the title track, there is consciously more substance than just love and heartbreak tracks -- which of course also exist.