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Batman and Robin Visit Chicago Music Exchange —Video

In October 2012, Batman came through Chicago Music Exchange to demo the Bolin Joker guitar.

His bizarre visit is remembered by CME staff as a whirlwind of terror and hilarity.

This year, Batman and Robin joined forces to bring miracles and mischief back to Chicago Music Exchange, as you can see in the pretty-damn-decent video below.

Watch Robin earn himself a spot on the CME team while poor Batman struggles to find his place. From helping out around the store and lending a hand in the repair shop, Robin shows us the path of a true hero.

We particularly love the dynamic duo's ongoing cover of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back in Town" and Batman's awesome yet error-filled gear demos.

BTW, that's Joel Bauman as Batman and Andrew Wittler as Robin.

Give this one a chance to develop, folks. It's pretty good!