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Dive Deep Into Kind Heaven, Perry Farrell's Insane New Las Vegas Attraction

Perry Farrell—frontman of Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros and founder of Lollapalooza—recently announced Kind Heaven, a new Las Vegas entertainment complex he masterminded with Caesars Entertainment, Star Wars visual effects pioneer Ed Jones and Walden Media co-founder Cary Granat. It is....well, it's something.

A press release described Kind Heaven as “An active and dynamic world extending across multiple levels and more than 100,000 square feet, offering the best of Southeast Asian culture, music, food, danger, fashion, exoticism, exploration, legendary mysteries and spiritual enlightenment."

Forbes reports that a cool $100 million has been invested into the venture, with some of the money coming from Farrell himself. Farrell told Forbes that the complex was inspired by a dream where he "saw Kind Heaven as a city from overhead as if I was a bird or an angel. I came down upon the city, landed on the city, watched a girl pickpocket someone who was passed out on the street, run away and there I was in this place."

According to the report, the five-story venue will feature multiple musical stages, 40 food stations, bars and alleyways that "might have some pickpocket who jumps over your head trying to escape the local police. So there’s never a moment that doesn’t fill your ears or your eyes or your palate."

"Everything that you see [there], except for my wife, is for sale," Farrell added.

The Las Vegas Reivew-Journal reported that the venue will also feature virtual monkeys that wrestle each other. According to the report, patrons can bet on which monkey will win, and win prizes.

If you were wondering, after all this, if holograms played into Kind Heaven somehow, don't worry, they do.

When asked if he would often be at the venue in person, Farrell said "My hologram might." When pressed if Kind Heaven's holograms would be of the performance type—á la the recently announced Frank Zappa and ongoing Ronnie James Dio touring holograms—Farrell said "When I talked to you about the holograms I didn’t mean performance, I meant acting, like scenes. I don’t know if I’ll get to do this but it would be killer to have a holographic porn of myself. I haven’t pitched that one to them yet."

Kind Heaven is currently scheduled to open in August 2019. It will be located in the Linq Promenade shopping center on the Las Vegas Strip.