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Eight-String Guitarist Sonia Shredder Covers Fate's "Vultures" — Video

Here's something that turned up in my inbox during my most recent vacation (I'm slowly catching up on emails and old coffee cups with disturbing things growing in them).

It's a video of a talented eight-string guitarist, Sonia Shredder, performing a playthrough video of "Vultures," the title track from Fate's 2008 album (Metal Blade Records).

The video, which was published to YouTube in February, features the following bonus info from Sonia:

"This is an A-tuned six-string guitar cover that I transposed to an F# eight-string guitar and played the last section a third interval higher. Twice the fun! :)"


  • Guitar: Ibanez RGA8
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan Distortion 8
  • DI: Line 6 Pod Farm
  • Camera: GoPro Hero3+: Silver Edition

For more about Sonia Shredder, subscribe to her YouTube channel right here.