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Forgotten Guitar: Joe Satriani Plays “Surfing with the Alien” on a Strat Copy at a Fan’s Home

<p>If you've ever needed more evidence that the majority of a guitar player's "sound" is in his or her fingers, you definitely should check out the video below.</p><p>The background on how this actually came to happen is a little unclear. However, in the video, which was uploaded to a YouTube channel called TheMexican1, Joe Satriani, who appears to be in a fan's home, performs “Surfing with the Alien” (from his 1987 album of the same name)—not with his usual Ibanez JS series guitar, Marshall amp and signature effects, but with a $100 Pignose Strat copy, a Peavey Backstage 30 practice amp and a Digitech RP200 multi-effect unit.</p><p>Minus a few dive bombs and the “Satch Scream," the virtuoso provides a pretty much note-perfect rendition of his instrumental classic.</p><p>Of course, it might not have been as easy as it looked or sounded. Near the end of the clip, Joe says, “That was a little painful on this guitar."</p><p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p><p>Jonathan Graham is an ACM UK graduate based in London studying under the likes of Guthrie Govan and Pete Friesen. He is the creator of, a classic-guitar media website, and is completing his debut album, Protagonist, due for release in 2016. Updates also can be found at Graham's YouTube channel.</p>