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The Francesco Artusato Project Premiere "Gates of Reason" Music Video —Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Gates of Reason," the new music video by the Francesco Artusato Project, featuring guitarist Francesco Artusato (Devil You Know, All Shall Perish).

The album, Our Dying Sun, will be available October 7 across all digital platforms.

"I'm very excited about this record," Artusato says.

"I've been working on this second album for a while; it had to be done in between writing and touring with Devil You Know and All Shall Perish, but I wanted to make sure it was exactly the way I wanted it.

"This album is definitely an evolution from the first one. I focused on the songwriting aspect more than the pure technical aspect of playing guitar this time.

"Some songs are more fun and what you'd expect from a rock/metal guitar instrumental record; others are just more intense with a darker mood, and others are a little more abstract. The more technical guitar playing is accompanied by a more soulful playing, and I love that. This album is pretty much the portrait of the guitar player I am today.

"I was very fortunate this time to work with two great musicians like bassist Ray Riendeau (James LaBrie, Star Monarchy, solo) and drummer Danny Handler (solo). That definitely created more the 'trio band' feel. They're like me, fans of heavy music, jazz and fusion, and those influences can make the difference when playing a certain style of music.

"I still love to layer a lot of guitar tracks and sometimes I go a little crazy with that. Writing instrumental music gives me the freedom to try whatever I feel would sound good. This project is my way to experiment and try different things. Every solo record is probably going to be very different from one to the other, and that’s why I do it.

"It also was great to have friends and incredible guitar players like Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry), Ryan Knight (the Black Dahlia Murder) and Wes Hauch (ex-the Faceless) to do guest solos on one crazy track toward the end of the record. That song is pure madness!

"This song, 'Gates of Reason,' is one of the more 'traditional' and simpler ones, but I had so much fun working on it. It definitely has a progressive/rock vibe, and I think it’s a good introduction to the music on the record, even though there’s so much variety counting all 11 songs."

Stay tuned to Artusato's Facebook page for updates and more info about the new album. As always, tell us what you think of the song in the comments or on Facebook!