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Glenn Proudfoot Premieres "Gatton" Music Video, Featuring Johnny Hiland — Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of a new music video from Glenn Proudfoot.

The song, "Gatton," a tribute to the late Danny Gatton, features a guest appearance by Johnny Hiland. The track be found on Proudfoot's new studio album, Ineffable.

"This is a really special track for me," Proudfoot says. "Danny Gatton’s playing has been such a huge source of inspiration over the years. A lot of people probably don’t realize it, but I studied bluegrass and country guitar; Danny Gatton and Johnny Hiland where my two biggest country influences and heroes.

"Once I had written this track, I reached out to Johnny and told him it was my little tribute to Danny Gatton. He was very enthusiastic about being a part of it. We really had some fun recording it—great vibes all round.

"Johnny’s playing is simply incredible; he makes everything look so easy, and he totally rips! I'm humbled that he took part in this. It makes it all the more special for me, and I hope for you too."

Proudfoot is playing his Number One Strat through a Victory V100 head and 4-by-12 cabinet. The amp is set on the clean channel, and you're hearing nothing but the guitar.

Ineffable was recorded at Screamlouder Productions in Melbourne, Australia. The video was shot, edited and produced by Peter Reggie Bowman of Screamlouder Productions.

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