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How “Hardwired” Would Have Sounded on Metallica's First Five Albums

(Image credit: George De Sota/Getty Images)

Is it possible that the world still hasn’t had enough of Metallica’s new track, “Hardwired”?

From the studio version to the live debut to the story behind the song’s creation and the story behind video…Metallica have found an impressive number of ways to slice and dice the song in the two weeks since it was released.

What we have here is a novel take on the song from YouTube poster Creblestar.

The video presents demonstrations of how the song might have sounded on each of Metallica’s first five albums, from 1983’s Kill ’Em All to 1991’s Black Album.

It’s an interesting approach to the song and a good survey of Metallica’s changing musical direction and production values over their early years. See what you think.