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Jason Becker Announces New Album Featuring Satriani, Govan and More

Jason Becker has announced plans to record an album featuring new original compositions and performances by many notable guest performers.

In a new video, the composer reveals that the record will include appearances by guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Guthrie Govan, Chris Broderick, Jeff Loomis, Gus G, Steve Morse and Trevor Rabin. The album will be crowdfunded through an IndieGoGo campaign that offers supporters such perks as an album credit and exclusive merchandise, including shirts and posters.

“I need help to pay for the production, studio time and session musicians,” Becker explains. “Plus, the incredible assistants who work to make my life so beautiful and musically productive.

“By investing in my latest album, you can be my new label and be the first to get it.”

Becker, of course, won’t be playing guitar on the album. As his fans know, he’s had ALS for the past 26 years and can move only his eyes and lips. Despite doctors telling him he likely wouldn’t live past the age of 30, the 47-year-old guitarist has continued to live a productive life as a composer. He communicates with his eyes via an alphabet system devised by his father and edits music scores using an interactive computer system.

This will be the first new music Becker has released in eight years. His 2008 release, Collection, served up older recordings along with three new songs featuring guitar contributions from Satriani, Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, Greg Howe, Michael Lee Firkins and Steve Hunter.

Becker’s campaign has a flexible goal of $75,000 and as of this writing has one month left. To learn more and get onboard, visit his IndieGoGo page.

Watch the video below and, as Jason requests, share it with others.