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Joe Satriani Hopes to 'Pick Something Up' from Paul Gilbert

Joe Satriani heaped praise on fellow six-string virtuoso Paul Gilbert in a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, saying, among other things, "Paul's one of those guys that can really play anything, and I'm not."

"Paul's one of those guys who covers so much ground. He's so good at playing so many things," Satriani added. "I definitely express to the campers [attendees of the G4 Experience] how much I'm hoping to pick up, even at this late stage in my development."

In a particularly eye-catching aside, the virtuoso said of Gilbert, "I'm always hoping that I'm going to pick something up from Paul that's going to improve my playing, because he plays so well."

The G4 Experience will run July 24 to 28 at Asilomar Center in Carmel, California.