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John 5 Brings the Country-Metal Thunder on "Black Grass Plague" — Video

It's not often you hear wailing humbuckers, blazing Marshalls, electric mandolins and acoustic banjos duking it out in a hard rock instrumental setting, but if there's one guy who can create synergy between these disparate sonic elements, it's guitarist John 5, as he proves with his new music video, "Black Grass Plague."

"The video was produced and directed by Jonny Coffin of Coffin Cases," says 5, who also plays lead guitar for Rob Zombie.

"We filmed it in a warehouse right next to Jonny's place. It was swelteringly hot in there that day, but we got through it, and if anything, the heat contributed to the energy in the video.

"The star-shaped stage with all the neon lights is actually Elton John's piano riser," continues 5. "It turns out you can rent it. Who knew? Thank you, Elton!"

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