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Lullwater Premiere Exclusive "Vendetta Black" Making-of Video

Today, presents the premiere of a new behind-the-scenes video by Lullwater.

Below, you can download "Vendetta Black," the new song Lullwater recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, Texas, with Resident Hero’s Ryan White on vocals.

You also can watch the song's exclusive making-of video, which features the band and White. While touring with Flyleaf in 2014, Lullwater became close with White. The band re-recorded his track, "Vendetta Black," as a collaboration.

"I remember writing 'Vendetta,' having that defiant, passionate violence of the youthful nature of rock and roll," White says. "'Fuck you, this is who I am, and who I always will be. This is what I'll die for.' When performing the song on tour with Lullwater, I felt that feeling again, through them, as we performed it together. It's a lovely time stamp on a great tour, but really, I wanted them to have it because they understood it."

"We wanted to continue recording using analog tape because there's nothing quite like it," says Lullwater's John Strickland of Sonic Ranch Studios. "It has a unique and vintage sound that captures the genuine feel of the musician playing an instrument. The rhythm section was recorded directly to tape, and you can definitely hear it. Its warm, fat sound gave us the backbone of the album."

You can download "Vendetta Black" for free through June 1 right here.

Lullawater is John Strickland (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Brett Strickland (lead guitar), Roy “Ray” Beatty (bass) and Joe Wilson (drums).

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