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Marty Stuart Premieres New Song, "Homesick"

On February 9, in honor of Valentine's Day, Amazon Music will add 30 new songs to its Amazon Original playlists “Love Me” and “Love Me Not.”

Today we're exclusively premiering one of those brand-new tracks, Marty Stuart's "Homesick." "Homesick" is a classic Jimmy Martin tune that Stuart and his longtime band, the Fabulous Superlatives, covered on 2006's Live at the Ryman. This new recording, however, represents the band's first official studio version of the song.

"'Homesick' is one of the first songs the Superlatives and I learned together," Stuart tells us. "We got it from the king of bluegrass, Jimmy Martin and His Sunny Mountain Boys. We love Jimmy's music. His sound was lonesome and he definitely put the blues into his bluegrass sound. Our version is really just a hot-wired version of Jimmy's masterpiece—raw, heartfelt and bluesy. I know exactly what this song is talking about, and I'll bet you do too. If you don't, stick around and you will."

The recording is dripping with the tasteful, bluesy, reverb-laden guitar playing we've come to expect from Stuart and Superlatives guitarist Kenny Vaughan, and it makes a fine "bonus track" to the band's 2017 album, Way Out West.

For more information, check out Amazon Music, the "Love Me"/"Love Me Not" playlists and

Marty Stuart with 'Clarence,

Marty Stuart with 'Clarence, (Image credit: Alysse Gafkjen)

Superlatives photo ( homepage) by Alysse Gafkjen