The Setlist: Al Jourgensen of Ministry

Orginally printed in Guitar World, November 2008

The Fillmore NY - May 2, 2008 - New York, NY

1. THE LAST SUCKER, HOUSES OF THE MOLÉ AND RIO GRANDE BLOOD SONG BLOCKS “To put together the set list for our final C U LaTour we just jammed on a bunch of stuff in rehearsals, and whatever sounded best is what we went with. [laughs] As far as the sequencing, the six songs from The Last Sucker and the four each from Houses of the Molé and Rio Grande Blood just seemed to go together perfectly. That set sounded really good and pretty much encompassed our little [George W.] Bush trilogy.”

2. ENCORE I “I figured we’d come back out and play Mr. Jukebox and give the kiddies what they want, so we did ‘So What,’ ‘N.W.O,’ ‘Just One Fix’ and ‘Thieves.’ I got a lot of shit for not playing ‘Stigmata,’ but frankly I’m a little tired of it. We’ve been doing that song for 30 years, so if you haven’t seen it by now, then tough luck. [laughs] As far as ‘Jesus Built My Hotrod,’ [Butthole Surfers singer] Gibby [Haynes] sang on that song. I did it for one tour, but it’s just not the same and I don’t have my heart into it. So unless Gibby comes up onstage to sing it, it’s not gonna happen.”

3. “JUST GOT PAID” OPEN E TUNING “We have three different tunings. Well, the rest of the band has only two tunings—drop D and an E. But I have an open E tuning for my slide guitar on the ZZ Top song ‘Just Got Paid.’ ”

4. CUSTOM SCHECTER BLACK COFFIN GUITARS “I’m playing a custom Schecter Coffin that they built just for me. There’s only six of ’em in the world. They built one for each of the three tunings I use, with a backup for each. Those are the only ones that exist, and they’re awesome. I’ve got Bixbys on ’em and Gibson 500T pickups.”

5. “NO W,” “WAITING,” “RIO GRANDE BLOOD,” “LIESLIESLIES” AND “KHYBER PASS” “ ‘Khyber Pass’ is a good wind-down song after the blazing stuff like ‘Rio Grande Blood’ and ‘No W.’ We’ve also got some mosh chunkers like ‘LiesLiesLies’ and ‘Waiting.’ It’s kinda like you’re doing an aerobics exercise: you gotta do your stretches first and wind down afterward. [laughs] Think of us as the soundtrack to an evil aerobics set.”

6. “THIEVES” “[Fear Factory singer] Burton [C. Bell] sang on some of the old ones, because I’m sick of doing ’em. I had him sing on ‘No W,’ ‘Thieves’ and ‘Just One Fix,’ and also ‘Just Got Paid’ and ‘Under My Thumb.’ ”

7. ENCORE II “We ended with some songs from our covers album [Cover Up], because that’s the last album that we’ll ever put out, and it’s just a fun way to end things. This tour isn’t all about shaking your fist in the air about Bush. Bush is gone, and after this so are we. We want to end on a party note.”

8. FENCE “We used the fence only once, back in 1988, but the kids have been screaming about it ever since, so we brought it back for the last tour. This tour is a little bit of old, a little new and a lot about partying, having fun and going down in flames together.”

9. SKULL AND BONE MIC STAND “I’ve had different versions of this mic stand made every year by this guy named Turner Van Blarcom. He’s this half–American Indian, half-redneck Texan guy. He’s basically a bone tech who drives around at sun up, looking for roadkill. He skins what he finds, then bleaches the animal bones and makes furniture and mic stands out of them. I know Metallica bought some stuff from him and Aerosmith used him. I personally sold a cabinet that he made to [David] Bowie. The guy’s all over the place.”

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