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Slash Helps Conan O'Brien Pick Out a Guitar

(Image credit: Vimeo)

OK, it's time for a flashback.

A few years ago, Conan O'Brien—who, many of you might not know, plays guitar and has a true appreciation for the instrument—went Craigslist shopping for a new guitar.

Of course, he asked his friend Slash to join him as he went from home to home in the greater Los Angeles area looking for a new (and/or used) instrument to add to his collection.

In the humorous clip below, Conan and Slash come across a new-looking Jimmy Page-style doubleneck Epiphone, an interesting Samhain model by Minarik Guitars and, well, lots of other weird stuff... .

We've also thrown in a more recent performance of Eddie Cochran's "Twenty Flight Rock" by Conan and Jack White (bottom video). Conan's guitar solo starts around 2:53. Enjoy!

Side note: Why aren't these people more shocked that Slash is in their home?