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Slayer Frontman Tom Araya Calls Out Fan for Spitting on Him: “What Was That About?”

Slayer were performing an intimate show at Comic-Con on July 21 when an audience member spit on frontman and bassist Tom Araya.

The performance, at the House of Blues in San Diego, was captured on video.

Araya was enjoying himself chatting up the crowd when the incident occurred, as seen about 1:45 into the video clip. “Hey,” Araya says, reacting to the fan offscreen, “what was that about?”

The scene quickly turns ugly, as Araya repeatedly asks the fan to explain himself and the crowd begins to boo.

“I tell you, ‘Thank you for coming here,’ and that’s what you fucking do?” the bassist asks. “What the fuck’s that about?’

The person was eventually escorted out by security.