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Slayer Premiere "Pride in Prejudice" Music Video [NSFW]

Earlier today, Slayer premiered their incredibly violent "Pride in Prejudice" music vodeo, which stars Danny Trejo.

The new clip, which is available for viewing below (top), features a convicted prisoner on death row, a cookie-cutter family unit putting up Christmas decorations, white supremacists and ruthless murders.

The music video completes the band's Repentless music-video trilogy, following the clips for "Repentless" and "You Against You," all of which you can watch below. The trilogy was conceived and directed by BJ McDonnell, who directed 2013's Hatchett III. His resume also includes Jack Reacher, Tomorrowland and The Interview, and he just wrapped filming Annabelle 2.

"I'm particularly excited about this third video," McDonnell said. "We played with stylistic differences with the trilogy. Where one video plays like an action film, this third one is more of a dramatic piece. The final story takes us into a world that is especially sinister in tone, with the dark and the light colliding. The conclusion is visually cinematic and harsh, with Slayer conducting us through it all with 'Pride in Prejudice.'"

"It was a pleasure working with BJ on this project," added Slayer's Kerry King. "Slayer is notorious for letting the artist be the artist, the producer be the producer, and the director be the director, etc. By doing this we get a completely unique perspective that never really strays far from our own. Get ready for video three. It's my favorite."

"Pride in Prejudice" was filmed during the winter of 2016 in the mountains of Wrightwood, California. Remember, it's NSFW, as in really, really violent. There might even be some backlash about this one.

Damian Fanelli

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