Guitarist Plays One-Minute Classical Guitar Mashup of Video Game Themes — Video

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Evidently, guitarist Chad Neidt posts a new "One Minute Mashup" video the first Monday of pretty much every month.

Here's a good one from a few months ago. It's a medley of popular video game themes—performed on classical guitar. Below, you can see a complete list of the themes he plays in the video.

"I decided to make this a classical guitar rendition because it felt like the right way to do the songs justice," Neidt writes. "I love games."

For more about Neidt, visit his Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Song List:

01. PacMan
02. Super Mario Bros.
03. The Legend of Zelda
04. Tetris — Theme A
05. Street Fighter II — Guile Theme
06. Super Metroid — Prologue
07. Sonic 2 — Chemical Plant Zone
08. Donkey Kong Country
09. Pokemon
10. Crash Bandicoot
11. Metal Gear Solid
12. Final Fantasy — "Those Who Fight Further"
13. Halo
14. Portal — Still Alive
15. Skyrim
16. Red Dead Redemption — Far Away