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Video: How to Change Strings on a Gibson-Style Guitar

Dunlop Strings is proud to partner with guitar expert Gary Brawer in the production of a new series of videos, RESTRING: WITH GARY BRAWER.

In these straightforward videos, Gary gives you the skills you will need to take charge of your guitar, save some money and change your own strings. He shares wisdom he has gained over the years about string changing and specific guitar styles. Most importantly, Gary and Dunlop want you to have the confidence to change your own strings so that you can quickly replace a broken string, or replace a dead set with a fresh one. With this knowledge you will be one step closer to reaching your full musical potential.

Gary has been a long time friend of the Dunlop family and shares his home turf with the organization. For those who aren't aware, Gary has a guitar shop in San Francisco and has been doing set-up an repairs for a multitude of top-shelf guitar players such as Jerry Garcia, Santana, Slash, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Johnny Winter, Zakk Wylde, Warren Haynes, Jim Dunlop, Muddy Waters, Jeff Beck, Aerosmith ... You get the picture.