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Video: Metallica Perform "Leper Messiah" and "Motorbreath" in Cape Town, South Africa

Metallica have posted another official video that recaps one of their overseas shows from this past spring.

Check out the official video from the band's April 24 show in Cape Town, South Africa, below. The clip features performances of "Leper Messiah" and "Motorbreath."

If you're pining for new music from the band, you might be in luck. They recently revealed they have 600 song ideas for their next album.

The band, who are working on the follow-up to 2008's Death Magnetic, recently told Rolling Stone that they have almost "600 ideas" for new songs, many of which stemmed from jam sessions that took place while they were on the road.

"I understand there are people waiting for a new record, and so are we," said Lars Ulrich. "But I can't stress about it. It's not like, 'Fuck, hurry up and get this record out.' Hurry up for what? So we can go play gigs? We already play gigs. We'll get there."

The band's next live show is July 6 when at the Rosklide Festival in Denmark. After that, there's an Asian tour that kicks off August 10 in Tokyo.