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Video: Orange Amplification Saves the Day for Troy Sanders of Mastodon

Who needs a St. Bernard dog with a brandy barrel around its neck?

In a new video posted this morning on Orange Amplification's YouTube page, Mastodon's Troy Sanders is rescued by the official Orange Amp rescue dog.

The plot: Sanders plays a cocky rock star whose six (um, probably non-Orange) amps have all broken just before a show at The Loft. Orange sends its best pooch to save the day; he delivers an Orange amp to Sanders just before he takes the stage.

The amp around the dog's neck is a Micro Terror, Orange Amplification's smallest, most portable Terror amp. For more info about the amp, head to Orange's website.

A word from the guys at Orange: "Special thanks to Newmerica, the creative video agency that collaborated with us to produce this video, Troy Sanders, Mastodon, Colin Miles, Darren Sanders, The Loft Atlanta and Bear. Music by The N.E.C. and Rump Posse."