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Video: Soundcheck and "...And Justice for All" from Metallica's Feburary 23 Show in Brisbane, Australia

Yesterday, the gang over at MetallicaTV posted a brand-new video recap of Metallica's February 23, 2013, show in Brisbane, Australia.

Here are some highlights from the video and their start times:

  • Soundcheck (0:05)
  • Tuning Room (13:30)
  • "...And Justice for All" from the show (17:04)

There has been some chatter about Metallica's next album, with Lars Ulrich saying he'd be surprised if their next record comes out before 2015.

Bassist Robert Trujillo recently told VH1 Radio Network's Dave Basner about Metallica's creation process:

"James Hetfield has, like, a thousand riffs and they're all great. His worst riff would be another band's best riff. So we're blessed… the blessing is also a curse, because we have so many cool ideas that it becomes challenging to decide what should not survive, at least for me, from where I'm sitting. I'm always like, 'Well that's a good riff!' and James might be, like, 'Eh, nah, I don't like it.' You know what I mean? But then again, maybe two weeks later he may like it. But you gotta have some sort of process of elimination. So that's what we've been going through."