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Watch This Ibanez Guitar Get a Custom Three-Color Swirl Paint Job — Video

We know patience is a rare virtue these days, especially when it comes to watching online videos (for longer then three seconds), but we recommend that you watch this clip to the end.

The mesmerizing four-minute-long video, which was posted April 18 by a YouTube user named DeanSwirled (formerly MrDean2005; we've featured his videos on the site in the past), shows an Ibanez RG350 getting a custom swirl paint job.

DeanSwirled, who we're pretty sure is from the U.K., posted the following information with the video:

"[Here's] a before-and-after video of this Ibanez RG350. It is now completely finished, beautifully swirled and clear-coated to a very high standard. Totally refurbished, frets leveled and polished with the fretboard being lightly sanded and conditioned. Everything is original except new screws on the scratch plate and trem cover.

"The clear coat is high-gloss polyurethane that has been sanded and polished to a very high level as one would expect from a much more expensive guitar. Swirled using three colors, it looks stunning and sounds awesome."

It turns out this guitar is for sale. If you like what you see, write to (Note: I don't know Dean, and I don't care if you buy this guitar; I'm just passing along the info.) Enjoy!