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Watch Insane Simultaneous Guitar and Keyboard Shred Cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

Sure, you’ve heard Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” covered countless times. But how often have you seen someone shred the song on guitar and keyboard simultaneously?

In his latest video, Gabriel Guardian puts his ambidextrous abilities to work with an epic cover of the GN’R hit. Using hammer-ons and pull-offs, Guardian handles guitar duties single-handedly for much of the video while accompanying himself on keyboard.

Things really get wild around the 2:58 mark, where he harmonizes his guitar lines on the keyboard.

The 24-year-old virtuoso is sponsored by Fender and Jackson Guitars and Alesis keyboards and performs with progressive metal band Immortal Guardian and the live electronic duo Fyer. He’s in the studio finishing up new records for both groups and has releases set for late 2016 and early 2017. He’ll be performing with Fyer on the mainstage at Atlanta’s Imagine Music Festival on August 26 through 28.

You can see more of his videos below and at, and

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