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Watch Jeff Loomis Discuss Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings

Loomis shreds and talks about this new string innovation from Ernie Ball.
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In this video from Ernie Ball, shred-master Jeff Loomis discusses the company’s new Paradigm strings.

As Ernie Ball’s latest string innovation, Paradigm represents the most advanced string technology ever created, and the strings are the first to come with a fully backed guarantee: If they break or rust within 90 days of purchase, Ernie Ball will replace them free of charge.

“I think that with the Paradigm strings, it gives me that much more confidence in the live situation,” Loomis says. 

The strings feature a combination of Ernie Ball’s proprietary Everlast nanotreatment coupled with a breakthrough plasma process that further enhances the corrosion resistance like never before.

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