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Watch Metallica Play a 600-Person 'Hardwired' Fan Show in London

(Image credit: Metallica/Getty Images)

On November 18, Metallica celebrated the release of their new album, Self-Destruct, with a special show for 600 lucky fans at the House of Vans in London.

You can stream the entire two-hour gig below for a limited time via the band's YouTube channel.

As expected, the House of Vans show included a healthy dose of Self-Destruct tunes, including "Hardwired," "Atlas, Rise!" and "Moth Into Flame," plus a smorgasbord of selections from throughout Metallica's career. They even threw in a Budgie cover ("Breadfan"), plus "Sad But True," "One," "Master of Puppets" and "Enter Sandman."

Metallica are home for Thanksgiving now, but they'll be heading to Toronto November 29, followed by a hometown show in Oakland December 17. After that, it's off to Korea and China to kick off 2017. Check out all their upcoming dates right here. Self-Destruct is at the top of the charts in 57 countries.