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Watch Tommy Emmanuel Play "Purple Haze" in Jimi Hendrix's Apartment

Acoustic guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel recently dropped by Jimi Hendrix's Sixties apartment in Mayfair, London. Luckily, he brought along a guitar! Above, you can watch Emmanuel play "Purple Haze" in the historic flat, which happens to be right next door to George Frideric Handel's old apartment. The would-be musical duo could've thrown some legendary parties if they didn't live 250 years apart.

Anyway, the performance and chat is part of Guitar Interactive's ongoing Hendrix Sessions. By the way, the clip also features a performance of "Rachel’s Lullaby," a track off Emmanuel's new album, Accomplice One. Enjoy!

For more about the Hendrix Flat, step right this way. And be on the lookout for Guitar World's exclusive Tommy Emmanuel Master Class in the June 2018 issue and on!

(Image credit: Michael Keel)