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Woman Rocks Out on Steel Guitar at Church Service — Video

Below, check out a new (November 21) Facebook video that is certainly on the road to viral status.

The video, which comes to us from the Detroit-based Redeemed Page on Facebook, shows Nicole D "Nikki" Brown of the Quartet Girls completely wailing on a steel guitar during an absolutely awesome church service.

At the clip's :47 mark, she goes all "Pete Townshend on The Smothers Brothers Show" on her guitar, jamming it up against the stand the guitar rests on. After she puts the guitar back on its stand (:53), she plays some of the solo's best and most stirring lines—all while dancing and looking like she's having an incredible time.

The entire clip is about a minute and a half long.


P.S.: To fully enjoy the video, be sure to press the full-screen button at the bottom right (the icon with the two arrows going in opposite directions. You'll thank me later!

This!!!!! Quartet Girls Rock!!!!! This is only a portion of the awesome experience on tonight! You had to be there!

Posted by Redeemed Page on Saturday, November 21, 2015