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Hear Yngwie Malmsteen's Heavy Metal Cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It"

We know this is totally random, but we thought we'd share Yngwie Malmsteen's cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It." The track, which you can check out below, is from Malmsteen's late-2009 studio album, High Impact.

"It was a tribute to [Jackson], but I’ve always liked the song," Malmsteen said in a "Dear Guitar Hero" feature that appeared in Guitar World. "It’s my heavy metal version of the song, with de-tuned guitars and Ripper Owens on vocals.

"Unlike the original, I begin with a guitar solo, and there’s another solo in the middle of the track. It’s not too much like the original. I played it my own way, like I did on my Inspiration album, where I covered songs from other artists." Thoughts?